Berkley SlobberKnocker Overview

  • The Berkley SlobberKnocker is a new Bladed Jig with an innovative and durable through-head design, featuring Berkley's PowerBait flavored skirt.
  • Underwater, the SlobberKnocker has a hard knocking sound, acoustically different from many of the other bladed baits out on the market, and unique for the pressured fish.
  • The SlobberKnocker swims with an amplified rolling action. It pairs with any of your favorite bladed jig trailers, but especially the Berkley PowerStinger, the trailer that was designed to pair perfectly with the SlobberKnocker.
  • Equipped with stout, needle-point Fusion19 hook, a hand-tied PowerBait flavored silicone skirt and printed with the weight for easy identification.
  • The SlobberKnocker is available in the 1/2 and 3/8 ounce sizes in a multitude of colors.

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Berkley SlobberKnocker Bladed Jig
BERKLEY Berkley SlobberKnocker Bladed Jig
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