Saturday January 27th, 2024

Check-In Location: Wagers Farm at 814 North Big Island Road, Demorestville, Ont, K0K 1W0

Fishing commences at 6:00 a.m. The first hourly prize is as follows:


7:00 am to 7:59 am
8:00 am to 8:59 am
9:00 am to 9:59 am
10:00 am to 10:59 am
11:00 am to 11:59 am

Lunch will be provided by Big Rock Sports and Celsius Brand Gear from noon to 1:45 pm. During lunch, door prizes will be awarded as well. You must be present to win a door prize. We will also award the morning's hourly payouts at this time.

2:00 pm to 2:59 pm
3:00 pm to 3:59 pm
4:00 pm to 4:59 pm

NOTE: The early bird draw will take place on tournament day.

At 5 o'clock, the tournament concludes, at which point in time you can stay and fish more or head home. Cash prizes for the afternoon payouts can be e-transferred or picked up that afternoon.


To book by phone call 613-969-1112 and reference the group name Wicked Walley Challenge to book with the desk agents directly.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your booking has been made you will have a 24 hour prior to arrival cancellation policy free of charge after that you are subject to a 1 nights stay charge.


We are offering a guaranteed payout structure that is listed below.

Our amazing sponsors have taken care of all the expenses to help ensure great prizes for everyone! This is a 100% payout tournament, so if we exceed 165 entries, we will boost payouts or add more prizes for different categories. The number of people who entered will be publicly available on the live leaderboard.

BONUS PRIZE: The first hourly cash prize will be doubled thanks to our sponsors Wager Farms.

Guaranteed payout structure:
1st place per hour: $500
2nd place per hour: $250
3rd place per hour: $150


  1. Every angler in the hut must have a ticket and a valid fishing license.
  2. Communication with anglers who are not fishing the event is prohibited during tournament hours.
  3. Anglers will be required to register in the morning at the check station to be inspected. Check-in begins at 5 am at the red flashing light. If an angler does not check-in, they will be disqualified. Once checked in you must proceed onto the ice from this location.
  4. All laws and regulations must be followed. Anyone found to be breaking the law will be disqualified. This includes public intoxication, unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, etc.
  5. All fish being entered into the tournament must be live released. You are still welcome to catch and keep other fish for personal consumption. Dead or severely injured fish will be disqualified and will not be weighed. This includes leaving the fish out in the cold and damaging its eyes. If you are found to have killed or damaged a fish due to your mistreatment of the fish, you will be disqualified for the rest of the tournament.
  6. Once you register a fish on the live leaderboard system, you must weigh and release a live fish. Failure to do so will result in being disqualified for the rest of the tournament.
  7. Meal tickets and random draw tickets will be handed out in the morning during the check-in process.
  8. Anglers must have a device capable of accessing the internet to participate. A copy of these rules will be posted on the event website for reference before and during the event.
  9. The weigh team will not be required to put themselves in an unsafe position. If you decide to fish in an area with bad ice, the weigh team will go to the safest ice close to you, and you will be required to transport the fish to them. In this circumstance, it is YOUR responsibility to get the fish alive to the weigh team.
  10. The tournament boundaries are from Massassauga Point to Trident point. Anyone found to be fishing east of Trident point or west of Massassauga point will be disqualified. Salmon River is also off-limits for this tournament. Subject to change without notice.
  11. Free Parking has been sponsored by Tackle Depot and is located at Wagers Farm at 814 North Big Island Road, Demorestville, Ont, K0K 1W0
  12. The tournament director reserves the right to disqualify anyone for misconduct, violation of rules or safety concerns.
  13. You are not officially entered into the tournament until waivers are signed, and full payment is received.
  14. Due to safety concerns we may decided to restrict the tournament boundaries to be limited to certain areas.

Additional Details

  • Minnows with receipts will be available at the event to comply with MNR rules.
  • The tournament will also have fish grippers for sale in case you show up to the tournament and forget part of your fish care equipment.

NOTICE The rules may be added to or amended up to one week before the tournament date. All rules will be emailed out one week prior to refresh anglers.


Print and bring with you tournament day.





We have created an online event website that will show real-time data for the event.

Here is how it will work:

  • Angler catches the fish and decides whether or not to weigh it.
  • Angler secures fish in an acceptable manner to preserve life and wellness (we recommend a cooler with an aerator, fish grippers to hold the fish in the hole, or drilling your own trench with water).
  • Angler logs in to the website and completes the “register your fish” section. Here it will request your name, phone number and location for the weigh team to come to you. It is also programmed to timestamp your catch so that if the weigh team doesn’t make it to you within the hour, you are still eligible to enter within your hour (download what 3 words app for free, and we are able to locate you within 2 meters of your spot, this will make weigh-in faster).
  • Once the weigh team comes to you and the fish is verified, all results will be posted in real-time on the leaderboard.
  • The hourly payouts for the morning will be awarded at lunch and the hourly payouts for the afternoon will be awarded at the end of the day.


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