The Top Five Jigs.

With the market growing more and more for jigs, it can be intimidating to find the correct size and look to fit what you're fishing for. Whether you're fishing heavy cover, or looking to attract more finicky fish, knowing what jigs work for certain situations can help to not only catch more fish but to adapt to different structures.

  1. Punisher Jigs

Punisher series Jigs have been catching fish and winning tournaments for over 15 years! As a Canadian based jig handmade by angler Jarrod Dean, these jigs come in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from the Assault series down to the Mini Jigs. They are equipped with a Mustad Ultra Point hook with the exception of the Pro Select series which is equipped with an Owner Hook. These jigs are proven to catch fish in a variety of cover, whether finesse fishing or punching into the thickest of slop. The Mustad hook is great for hooking fish and keeping them on.


  1. Booyah - Swim'n Jig

The Booyah Jig's arrow head designed  and flat planing bottom makes this jig nearly weedless. The eye for the line sits directly in line with the hook allowing for this swim'n jig to cut through heavy cover without snags. This jig is superb for throwing into the thickest cover in shallow water allowing you to rip and burn it back. When targeting more agressive fish who are cruising and on the hunt for food this jig is superior with its double rattle and and BOOYAH silicone skirt creating life like action when it cuts through the water. Definitely a must have in the tackle box when you're looking to fish fast and furious.


  1. ZMAN- ChatterBait Elite

Chatter Baits are another proven jig that is known for enticing fish through a ton of action in the water. With the ZMAN design you're getting a true bang for the buck with it boasting a "beefy" stainless chatter blade. It uses a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook allowing for easy hook set. Chatterbaits are also great jigs if you're trying to create a lot of noise and entice those picky fish to eat. The blade on the top creates ripples in the water allowing for a ton of noise.  


  1. Strike King - Hack Attack Jig

If fishing the heaviest of cover is more your style, this jig is the go to for punching into thick cover. This jig was born to fish extremely heavy cover. The head and design with the heavy weed guard help the Hack Attack navigate in and out of the heavy cover easy. This jig uses the Gamakatsu black nickel heavy wire hook. The unique characteristic of this jig is the fact that the line eye is set to 30 degrees allowing you to tie on the heaviest braided line and really pull on it and it wont bend or flex. The 30 degree angle also allows for the best hook ups in the industry. This jig is ready to rip the big hogs from the darkest corners of the slop.


  1. VMC - Pro Series BuckTail Jigs

Hair Jigs are something you don't always see when fishing heavy cover. But this jig is an exception. VMC has been creating finesse hair jigs for over 20 years. Perfectly balanced design allows for flawless presentation. These jigs are great for crappies and panfish alike with their 3D holographic eyes and UV glow finishes. Early spring time fishing for spawning fish in the shallows allow for this jig to truly shine and offer a different presentation that other larger jigs can't match.


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